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          公司簡介|ABOUT US
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            本公司創建于 1996 年,注冊資金 800 萬人民幣,廠房占地面積 6000 多平方米,員工 200 多人,主要從事高精密的五金材料零配件加工,廣泛使用于電子,醫療,手表,眼鏡,軍工、家電等行業,為工業企業提供優質的零配件。

            公司擁有進口的 CNC 車床 20 多臺,臺灣車床 330 多臺,加工中心 6 臺,具有較強的加工能力。本公司已經通過 ISO9001/2008 認證。

            Company profile  

            Founded in 1996,with 8 million registered capital and 6 thousand square meters of factory area,Xinjiang is engaged in processing high-precision machining parts and metal accessories which are widely applicable for electronices,medical,watch,glasses,military and household appliance industry.

            Equipped with 20 sets of imported CNC Lathes,330sets lathes imported from Taiwan and 6 machining centers,our company has the strong processing capability and qualification approved by ISO9001/2008 Quality management systems.

            With the business philosophy of EXCEEDING OURSELVES AND THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE,we devote ourselves to the improvement of our managerial system.Thus we manage to reduce the cost for customers and also supply superior-quality products and offer good service.We hope to work and grow together with customers to create a booming future.



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